Body Sugaring

Body sugaring is the all-natural, ancient art of hair removal that has been practiced for centuries in the Middle East.  Its ingredients include sugar, lemon and water.  It is a safe and natural Egyptian method of hair removal that will eventually lead to permanency when practiced regularly.  Hair will grow back thinner and finer with each service.  It is applied at body temperature so no burning will occur.  There are no harmful chemicals which could harm the skin.  Sugar is gentle to the skin and leaves it smooth and silky.  It can be applied to any part of the body.

Benefits of Sugaring

All-Natural Product 

Gentle and effective with results lasting 4-6 weeks


Sugar Paste cannot harbor or grow bacteria

Less Regrowth

During epilation, the follicle wall begins to collapse and close, becoming weaker thus leading to less regrowth.  Hair will grow back thinner and finer.

Safe Method 

Safe for all skin and hair types, including areas not safely treated with wax

No Strips or Sticks

Less waste and better for the environment 

Less Painful

Sugar paste is room temperature, can be applied multiple times to the same area without causing irritation or skin damage

Easy Cleanup

Sugar residue can be cleaned with warm water

No Product Waste

Sugar paste can be applied to large areas of the body and does not dry out


Sugar paste seeps into the follicle and wraps around the hair when removing.  Hair is applied against the natural direction of growth and pulled off in the natural direction of growth avoiding breakage and premature growth.

Cost Effective

Sugaring is more cost effective and lasts longer than other hair removal options

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