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Interested in becoming a sugarist?

What you will learn during one of our sugaring basic classes:

  • How to perform a professional sugar consultation

  • How to maintain results

  • Sugaring indications and contraindications

  • Sugaring specialized techniques

  • Proper client positioning for best results

  • How to sugar legs, underarms, arms, abdomen, face, brows, bikini and Brazilian demonstration

  • How to determine what paste to use and how to adjust your paste 

  • The role temperature plays in sugar selection

  • What to do when you "get stuck"

  • Proper care before and after sugaring

  • Multiple tips and tricks learned from experienced sugarists to assist you during your sugaring services

  • How to use Sugar Goddess products 

*Must be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician or in school studying to become a cosmetologist or esthetician to take classes.*

*Sugar Goddess guarantees their education and will provide follow up education if needed*

Meet our Educators

Courtney Leddy
Director of Education

I am the proud owner and creator of Sugar Goddess.  My passion in life is to take care of people and make them feel beautiful.  I am able to do this through my two professions: nursing and cosmetology.  I am an RN, and have been in the nursing field for 20 years.  I was educated in sugar hair removal in cosmetology school, and have been sugaring for over 16 years.  I love educating on the professional method of sugaring.
Upon graduating from cosmetology school, I worked at a full service salon where I introduced sugaring to my clients.  My clientele grew so tremendously after I brought sugaring in, soon the majority of my clients switched from waxing to sugaring and never went back.  Seeing the amazing results from sugaring on my client's happy faces is one of the main reasons I love what I do.  

I am married and have three children.  I have a passion for sugaring and love showing what this amazing product and technique can do!

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Nancy Alaniz

Nancy Alaniz is a licensed esthetician and a certified sugar specialist.  She is married with two children, and has a passion for helping people feel confident and happy.  She started this career for her daughter.  Her daughter is a cancer survivor and was struggling with acne.  She wanted to find a more natural way to help her skin and remove her hair, other than wax.  She learned about sugaring.  She became certified, and is able to help her daughter, and spread the word to others about sugaring.  

Adrienne Crawford
United States
WhatsApp: +39 351 638 1234

Adrienne is a licensed esthetician/certified sugarist with over seventeen years as an industry professional.  As an esthetics business owner and entrepreneur for eight years in Virginia Beach, VA., she specialized in a variety of services ranging from advanced facial treatments to eyelash extensions.  Her main focus and most popular service is Brazilian sugaring.

Adrienne highly emphasizes on the ultimate client care and satisfaction, which is why she sought after a better and less painful hair removal alternative.  Upon researching, she discovered body sugaring and her love and passion for this amazing and unique method began!

When she is not in Italy with her loving husband and son, she is traveling the United States.  She enthusiastically educates and trains her fellow professionals in the incredible art of sugaring, during her hands-on essential sugaring certification courses.

If you are interested in hosting a certification course at your salon, spa or school, please contact Adrienne directly.
Veronica Lillie

Veronica Lillie, founder of Sugarlillies, is a licensed aesthetician who has over a decade of  hands-on and management experience in the skincare and hair removal industry.  She is recognized for her unique style, in-depth knowledge, intuitive talent,  and thoughtful approach to skin care, hair removal and brow design.  Beyond being a California Licensed Aesthetician, she possesses numerous specialty certifications, studied cosmetic chemistry at UCLA, and has worked for major luxury brands.

Veronica travels extensively to train other professionals with her sugaring basics class.  She offers advanced classes specializing in Brazilians and eyebrows.


Because of her positive and nurturing demeanor, Veronica personally connects with her clients, which results in happy, glowing, and beautiful faces, stunning eyebrows and hairless places.

Loving all aspects of beauty and art, when not working, Veronica enjoys spending quality time with her adventurous daughter, singing and writing.

Introduction to Sugaring- 

Class includes the basics of sugaring and introduction to Brazilians and brows

*Contact Veronica for more information on class pricing and availability*

Contact us for more information on class availability 

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