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Why choose sugar over wax?
  • Sugar pulls the hair out by the root, resulting in less ingrown hairs and irritation

  • Results last up to 6 weeks

  • Less painful than waxing

  • Sugar is made up of all-natural ingredients: sugar, lemon and water-making it ideal for sensitive skin

  • Sugar is applied at body temperature

  • Sugar is bacteria resistant

  • Sugar exfoliates the skin while removing hair

  • Sugar is applied and removed with with a gloved hand.  No sticks.  No strips.  No product waste.


Effective & long lasting body hair removal 

Sugaring services offered at:

St. Cloud, MN

600 25th Ave S

Suite 106

St. Cloud, MN 56301



Baxter, MN

15175 Edgewood Drive North

Suite 106

Baxter, MN 56425


Sugar Goddess Professional Products

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Our sugar hair removal paste was created to help the sugarist remove hair in the most effective way possible.  With over 15 years of experience, our sugar helps provide an amazing service with minimal pain, superior results, and less work for the sugarist.  It has proved to glide on with ease, and pull hair from the root for results lasting 4-6 weeks.  Our sugar paste exfoliates and removes unwanted hair effectively and effortlessly.

We believe in "Less is more". Why put harmful chemicals on your clients skin? Our product line is simple, natural, and effective. We encourage sugarists to educate their clients on the importance of skin care and exfoliation after the sugar hair removal treatment.

Sugar Goddess is your trusted resource for sugar hair removal products.  Sugar Goddess teaches the professional method of sugar hair removal for exceptional results.  Contact us for more information.

Must be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician 
Must provide documentation of licensure 

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Ancient art of hair removal
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