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Want to be a part of our growing team?  Sugar Goddess was built on making people feel confident in their own skin by offering sugar hair removal services.  We are dedicated to your success and listen to your needs, while working in a fun, positive environment. 

Training Program

Whether you’re just beginning your journey in the salon, or have been practicing for years, we believe that learning never ends. We are so glad you came across our salon because we promise to make the process fun. Whether you know how to sugar or not, we offer a training program to teach the traditional sugaring method.  If you are currently certified in sugaring, we will determine your skill level by a hands-on practical which, Courtney, the owner, will create a customized training program for your success. This program is in calendar form so we are able to visualize your growth and create goals that will guide you to a full book. Courtney will show you how these skillset goals align with our pay structure to create financial growth. 

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