Courtney Leddy

I am the proud owner and creator of Sugar Goddess.  My passion in life is to take care of people and make them feel beautiful.  I am able to do this through my two professions: Nursing and Cosmetology. I am an RN, and have been in the nursing field for 18 years. I was educated in Sugar Hair Removal in cosmetology school and have been sugaring for over 15 years.


Upon graduating from cosmetology school I worked at a full service salon where I introduced sugaring to my clients.  My clientele grew so tremendously after I brought sugaring in, soon the majority of my clients switched from waxing to sugaring and never went back.  They continue to sugar to this day.


 I am married and have 3 children.  I have a passion for sugaring and love  showing what this amazing product and technique can do!